Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Accounting Excellence Awards?

The Accounting Excellence Awards is an annual awards programme brought to you by AccountingWEB, the largest online accounting community in the UK. 

Our Awards Night is a highlight of the accounting calendar, which brings together professionals from across the UK accounting community to meet and celebrate success together, whilst establishing new business contacts.

When and where is the 2024 Awards Night?

This year’s Awards Night will take place at Camden’s iconic Roundhouse in London on Tuesday, 8th October 2024.

How many attendees are expected to attend?

The Awards Night will bring together over 650 industry professionals from across the accounting community.

Why should I attend the 2024 Awards Night?

We’ll be announcing our 2024 winners! If you are a finalist this year, join us for an unforgettable night of celebrations – you could be going home with your very own Accounting Excellence trophy!

If you’re not a finalist, the Awards Night is a great opportunity to meet, network, and celebrate success with colleagues and peers from across the accounting community. 

  • Show your support for some of the most innovative and ambitious firms, individuals and vendors in the UK accounting industry.
  • Reach key influencers from the world of accounting and rub shoulders with senior professionals and decision makers in leading UK accounting firms.
  • Engage with the most progressive, ambitious, and successful accounting professionals in the UK.
  • Get together with colleagues, clients, peers, and other accountancy professionals for a fantastic night out.
Who can attend the Accounting Excellence Awards?

Tickets for Accounting Excellence Awards 2024 are for accountants in practice and business, designated guests (including judges, partners and Sift employees) and sponsors only. Only vendors who are sponsors will be allowed to purchase tickets and/or attend Accounting Excellence Awards 2024. Any vendor who is not a sponsor and attempts to purchase a ticket will be alerted to this and their order refused. Any vendor who is not a sponsor and attempts to attend Accounting Excellence Awards 2024 will be refused entry. To sponsor the Accounting Excellence Awards 2024, please head to this link (https://www.accountingexcellence.co.uk/sponsor-the-awards/)

I am a vendor. Can I purchase tickets?

Only vendors who have sponsored Accounting Excellence Awards 2024 are allowed to purchase tickets and/or attend. To sponsor the Accounting Excellence Awards 2024, please head to this link (https://www.accountingexcellence.co.uk/sponsor-the-awards/)

Why do firms enter the Accounting Excellence Awards?

Entering the Accounting Excellence Awards is a fantastic opportunity to confirm and celebrate the support that you are giving to your clients and the great contributions that you are making to the profession. Reward your ambition, innovation, and hard work, and get the recognition you deserve.

When do entries open?

Entries for Accounting Excellence opened on the 13th of March. Start your entry now.

How much does it cost to enter the Awards?

Nothing! It’s free to submit an entry for our awards and each individual can submit up to five entries.

What are the benefits of winning an Accounting Excellence Award?

Stand out from the crowd – Winning an Accounting Excellence Award makes your firm stand out with a significant boost in name recognition and will help you distinguish yourself from your competitors.

  • Motivation – If you win, your staff will be delighted to be part of a winning team and well-recognised company. Being an award winner also makes your business more attractive to the best and brightest upcoming talent in the industry.
  • Publicity – If you secure a place on the shortlist you will be mentioned numerous times on AccountingWEB and across social media, all of which helps build awareness of your firm. You will also be able to generate local media coverage in your area and will have lots to talk about with your clients. 
  • Growth – Your customers care about your reputation and an Accounting Excellence Award will not only reinforce your current customers’ faith in you but will attract new ones as well.
  • Nurture relationships – By competing against the best firms in the profession you will have an opportunity to learn from others. You will build new connections and be able to share your success and the stage with your partners and employees. 
  • A night to remember – Excellence is its own reward, but a night out celebrating your success doesn’t hurt! The 2024 Awards Night is shaping up to be the biggest and best night in the accounting calendar – so make sure that you don’t miss out!
How do I enter my firm for an award?

Entries for the 2024 Accounting Excellence awards are now open. Start your entry here.

What award categories are there?

There are 26 award categories this year. You can view the full list of categories along with their entry criteria here.

How many award categories can I enter?

Each entrant can submit up to five entries.

What are the judges looking for?

To make the most impact, concentrate on things that make a visible difference to your clients. As well as providing examples and evidence of your growth to date and your plans for future development. Think about what other accountants might learn from your example. 

Be sure to: 

  • Answer the questions
  • Give us evidence
  • Be succinct and selective

Tell us about the initiatives and innovations that show your firm in the best light. What are the things you do that no one else can match?

Use the entry to demonstrate what you think Accounting Excellence looks like, if you are going to be hailed as an example of excellence then tell us a story that will inspire other accountants.

We would recommend including examples, evidence, and explanations in your responses; for example, case studies, testimonials, quantifiable performance measures, and any relevant metrics.

You can also upload additional assets to support your application, such as short videos, graphs, and infographics. However, please limit this to a reasonable amount that will keep our judges engaged (e.g. no annual reports).

If you have any further questions, please contact us here.

How do I watch the Accounting Excellence Talks?

Accounting Excellence Talks has become the latest new addition to our impressive array of shows on AccountingWEB Live Digital. 

Our Talks shine a light on that year’s winners, giving insight into their business successes, their struggles, achievements and learnings. If you want to enter the Awards and need tips on how to create a winning entry, this is the show for you!

You can now subscribe to the show and receive email notifications on each episode so that you can stay informed and learn how to achieve excellence in your practice. Find out more and sign up today.

There used to be software categories - where are they?

Over the last few years, we have gradually moved our software recognition programme over to AccountingWEB. To that extent, our Accounting Excellence Awards are now solely for accountants and bookkeepers in practice and business. We hope to bring our Software Awards back proper in the near future.

What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

Just drop us a line! You can see all of our contact details here.


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