Thursday 27 February

Build a firm for the future

The era of digital tax has ushered in a new generation of accountants, who are taking advantage of cloud technology to build new kinds of accountancy firms. But thriving and surviving in practice isn’t just about technology – it’s just as much about getting your strategy, marketing, staffing and client relationships right.

This session will bring together a Class of 2019 practitioners to share their experiences and ideas with peers and practice experts. Find out what it takes to build a firm for the digital era, covering niche markets, finding clients, managing growth surges and slumps, technology decisions and taking on staff.


Host: Richard Hattersley, Practice Editor, AccountingWEB
Ria-Jaine Lincoln, Director, Ria-Jaine and Co Accounts
Peter Jarman FCCA, Partner, PJCO Chartered Certified Accountants
Daniel Sullivan, Business Development Manager, Intuit


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