Mike Dean, Co-Founder of WhisperClaims, tells us his plans for the future following their 2020 award win for Non-accounting Cloud or Banking App of the Year.

How does it feel to win Non-accounting Cloud or Banking App of the Year?
This is a fantastic accolade for us, to the extent that the team are still celebrating! What’s important to us is that the awards are based on votes from across the sector, including inputs from both accountants and other software providers. So, to have this feedback from our peers, and to come out ahead of some other great names in the sector, is just plain brilliant!

How will winning the 2020 Accounting Excellence Award for Non-accounting Cloud or Banking App impact your firm after a difficult year like this one?
Our mission is to enable more businesses across the UK to benefit from the R&D tax relief scheme by giving accountants the tools they need to deliver a cost-effective R&D tax service. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have enabled accountants to help their clients to identify over £40m of eligible expenditure during the pandemic, representing c £10m in tax benefits to those businesses. This is a hugely positive impact and we are confident that winning this award will help raise the profile of WhisperClaims even further, helping us and our users to benefit even more SME’s as we come towards the end of what will be one of the most difficult years these businesses will have faced.

What advice would you give to anyone entering the awards, or thinking of entering the awards next year?
Such a positive experience! If you’re thinking about ways in which to raise your profile, then working with AccountingWeb is certainly something you should consider – awards are such an important part of any profile-raising activity, whatever business you are in.

What does accounting excellence mean to you?
Being the very best you can be. Our goal is to provide the very best tools and customer experience to our users and that is very much consistent with delivering “accounting excellence”