The marketing team at Thorne Widgery gave us some insight around their experience entering and getting shortlisted as a Top 5 finalist this year for Innovative Firm of the Year.


What does it mean to you to be one of the Accounting Excellence Top 5 firms in the Innovative Firm of the Year category this year?

The whole team at Thorne Widgery are extremely proud of being recognised as one of the top 5 innovators in the accountancy industry in the UK.

Delivering exceptional client service and providing a fulfilling experience for our team is always at the heart of what we do. This is why we are immensely honoured by this accolade as it is because of those values.


What achievement in the last year are you most proud of?

One of our biggest recent achievements was the opening of our second office Ludlow. This has been a fantastic success and we are already welcoming lots of new clients through this expansion of our operations.

What’s more our innovative approach to marketing this new location helped us to walk away with a British Accounting Marketing Award earlier this year for the success of our brand building in the area and further afield.

Innovation has been at the heart of our practice for the last decade and nowhere is this clearer than in our development of X for Education – a specialist software system based around Xero intended for academy schools.

This package of software is not only helping our own growing number of academy school clients, but we are now working with other firms, including some of our own competitors, to provide the solution to them and their clients as well, which we feel is fairly unique.


What are you going to be focusing on in the next 12 months?

We are planning for continued growth through our advisory services, a key part of our strategy moving forwards. Within this we have developed an exceptional service offering based around some key fundamental principles which we are keen to develop further.

We are also currently working on new software solutions based around Xero Practice Manager where we feel there is a lot of potential.

As a firm, we are fairly unique in that we have a sister firm, Bridge3, through which we are able to test and develop new systems using our extensive expertise as accountants.


What would be your top tip/tips for firms aspiring to achieve excellence in the profession?

To remember what you stand for and why you do what you do. This will ultimately shape the future direction of the firm and its strategies for success and can occasionally get lost in the day to day running of a firm.

More specific actions would be to embrace the cloud and develop advisory service offerings. We are always aiming to be a firm of the future and believe the above to be key to this.