We spoke to James Kilford, CEO and Phil Murphy, CTO at Senta about their experience winning an Accounting Excellence Award this year.

How does it feel to win Practice Management Software of the Year?
Amazing! We’ve been fortunate enough to be shortlisted three times but this is the icing on the cake. It’s a huge reward for the whole Senta team! Everyone was keeping an eye on Slack during the awards 🙂

How will winning the 2019 Accounting Excellence Award for Practice Management Software of the Year impact your firm?
We still feel like we’ve got a lot to do, so it spurs us on to do better for every one of our clients. But also it’s a lovely recognition that firstly our clients have shortlisted us and secondly that the judging panel has looked at Senta and said it’s the best.  I think for new clients this will be huge.

What advice would you give to anyone entering the awards, or thinking of entering the awards next year?
I would say that having a great relationship with clients is super important. We try to listen to our clients and work on what they need.

What does accounting excellence mean to you? 
Accounting Excellence means progress to me — whether that’s in practice or in software, Accounting Excellence should be about doing better things for clients, every month and

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