We spoke with Ollie Maitland about how he felt winning the very well earned individual award in this year’s edition:

How does it feel to win Software Pioneer of the Year 2019?

A sense of affirmation! I’ve built a number of digital products in my career but only one business around a product – Capitalise.com. I see a fantastic opportunity for accountants to be the new bank managers so receiving confirmation is motivating to keep building on that vision. I’m energised by the added conviction to fulfil our journey for sure ;-).

How will winning the 2019 Accounting Excellence Award for Software Pioneer impact your firm?

Capitalise has strong values around helping businesses access both support and capital they need to grow their business. Being recognised that we are pioneering in the industry has helped us feel more confident in our journey. Since we’re cutting new ground our customers and prospects may also need some of that validation that the movement to be the new bank manager so winning supports our story even more.

What advice would you give to anyone entering the awards, or thinking of entering the awards next year?

I’m a big fan of going on one’s own journey. We spend very little time looking at what others are doing in the market but lots of time speaking with our customers and building. Sometimes we get lost down dead ends and other times we find new ground. Creating a clear, unique value proposition is central to arriving in that innovation space.

What does accounting excellence mean to you?

Accounting Excellence is the leader in the industry and so we respect their (clearly good!) judgement very much .