We spoke to Kreston Reeves about their Large Firm of the Year award win, and how it will impact their firm henceforth. 

How does it feel to win Large Firm of the Year?

Nigel Fright, Managing Partner, Kreston Reeves said: “It is of course a real honour to win this award. It is worthy external recognition of all the effort and sacrifices that everyone at Kreston Reeves continues to make as we work through the personal, professional and organisational challenges wrought by COVID and now Brexit.”

How will winning the 2020 Accounting Excellence Award for Large Firm of the Year impact your firm after a difficult year like this one?

Andrew Griggs, Senior Partner, Kreston Reeves said: “There has been a phenomenal increase in internal communications and engagement from people staff, and we are exceptionally proud of the way everyone continues to support their clients and, importantly, each other. People feel uplifted having been recognised for all they have contributed in this difficult year.

 “An award like this allows you to take a step back and to catch your breath, acting as a useful reminder of what has been achieved and how one compares. At a time when it is possible to feel quite isolated, these awards act a valuable benchmark on the achievements of our staff and to connect us to our wider community of accountancy firms.” 

What advice would you give to anyone entering the awards, or thinking of entering the awards next year?

Andrew Pincott, Director of Business Development and Marketing at Kreston Reeves said: “Only enter if you feel you have a genuine success story to tell – otherwise save your entry for a year when you do have a compelling one.  Be open and honest: this isn’t the place for promotional wording or spin.”


What does accounting excellence mean to you?

Nigel Fright said: “Accounting excellence means many things to Kreston Reeves. It of course means providing the very best advice to our clients, and investing the very best technology to deliver that. It also means developing the very best people and supporting them in every way possible. But it goes beyond that too. It sits with the very purpose of our business – and ourselves as individuals, something that we have worked hard at defining this year.”