Our 2018 Software Award judges defined Gary as someone who is prepared to put their head on the line for the accounting profession, pushing product development and holding the government to task with a passion above and beyond that required of any day job.

Gary has a winning blend of experience and sheer enthusiasm, plus tireless dedication, combined to bring new levels of insight to the profession – and particularly a willingness to grapple with the complexities of MTD. A worthy winner.

How did it feel to win Software and Technology Pioneer of the year?

I genuinely felt very fortunate and flattered to win such prestigious recognition, but also a little bit guilty. It may be in my name, but the success we’re enjoying isn’t down to one person’s effort, as nice as it is to see your name up there.

How has winning the Accounting Excellence Award for Software & Technology Pioneer impacted your career?

Well, I updated my LinkedIn profile to reflect the award and so now anyone that happens to check me out there will think more highly of me now!

What advice would you give to anyone entering the awards? Or thinking of entering the awards?

I remember what felt like years, many many years without any awards success. It got to the point where I was certain I was jinxed. But then one day we won an award or two, so it’s worth sticking to it. We proudly show off all the awards in a display cabinet in our reception. It’s a nice thing to show visitors and says something about your business. So, it’s worth the effort, the tenacity and the grey hairs.