The judges said that Darren Fell is the very definition of pioneering. He has been instrumental in making Crunch a true disruptor – one that’s changing the industry landscape.

They praised the way Crunch is run as a business first and foremost. Its approach to customer service, and the specificity by which it is measured, is unrivalled. Beyond being a well-run firm that has shown consistent growth, Crunch is constantly innovating. Among other initiatives, it’s created a community platform (Crunch Chorus) with over 50,000 business owners receiving jargon-free guides and free tools.

Darren Fell is worthy of recognition for being a true business leader, moving beyond the operational level of the business to being an influencer at the government and policy level.

The judges said this was the practice that others look to in order to find out what the future will look like. It pioneered customer service champions to be the first line of contact, and built an ecosystem of software for clients. It commissioned research into the needs of sole traders and micro-businesses, working out how to make money from them by commoditising compliance. It has also integrated financial advice into its offering.

How did it feel to win Practice Accountancy Pioneer of the Year?

Amazing.  I was so sure I wasn’t going to win that I took the opportunity to pop out and the whole team were on the edges of their seats ready to go up and collect the award for me!  I came back and heard a sentence describing someone who sounded very much like me. I went from not expecting to win to winning and I was utterly overwhelmed.

How has winning the Accounting Excellence Award for Practice Accountancy Pioneer of the Year impacted your firm or career?

It’s given us even more confidence that we have been and are doing the right thing to deliver an amazing market-leading accountancy service to freelancers, contractors and small businesses.

What advice would you give to anyone entering the awards? Or thinking of entering the awards?

Firstly make sure what you do, your products, your service is outstanding. If you’re confident of that then go for it.


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