We asked Alastair Barlow, Founder of flinder about his experience of winning an award this year.

How does it feel to win Fast-track Firm of the Year?

I think my fist pump on Zoom said it all – hugely excited! And very proud of the flinder team! Four years ago flinder didn’t exist – it was just a dream, and now winning back to back Fast-Track awards is huge validation of our idea and new category of accounting.

How will winning the 2020 Accounting Excellence Award for Fast-track Firm of the Year impact your firm after a difficult year like this one?

We are always looking forward as a business so it’s nice to reflect a little on the challenges we’ve had but also the success we’ve had. Success is always a little sweeter when you’ve worked hard for it. It’s a great reward for the hard work and dedication of the team.

What advice would you give to anyone entering the awards, or thinking of entering the awards next year?

Don’t think, just do it! Whether you win or not, the real value is going through the process; critically assessing your business model, your strengths, asking for feedback from clients and your team and writing about your business. You will learn so much and become a better business for it. I promise!

What does accounting excellence mean to you?

Accounting Excellence means pushing the boundaries of the profession to new heights.