We interviewed Crunch about being named a 2019 Accounting Excellence finalist:


What does it mean to you to be one of the Accounting Excellence Top 5 firms in the Large Firm, Innovative Firm and Client Service Award categories this year?

It means so much to the whole team at Crunch to have our hard work recognised again by the industry. It adds an extra dimension to what’s already an exciting time for everybody here, given the major investment we have planned for Crunch over the next 12 months.  This is particularly rewarding for us given the strength and the depth of our competition.


What achievement in the last year are you most proud of?

Our levels of innovation. Although we’ve consistently pushed to develop our offering and technology over the last decade, it’s particularly rewarding to be shortlisted in the innovation category.

We’re moving the business towards a platform and scaling beyond our four walls to harness new bookkeeping and accountancy talent from up and down the country to help scale Crunch.


What are you going to be focusing on in the next 12 months?

Growth. Crunch is aiming to hit 20% growth by March 2020. Every part of the business is focussed on improving customer service, our net promoter scores, our technology and growing our team to deliver. It’s an exciting time to be in the business.

Our strategic scaling plan will also allow us to provide regular work to other self-employed bookkeepers and accountants – bringing them into the Crunch family and providing a source of flexible income. We’ve come full-circle to support the industry’s own freelancers and truly practise what we preach as a champion of the self-employed.


What would be your top tip/tips for firms aspiring to achieve excellence in the profession?

It’s incredibly rewarding and worthwhile, but be prepared for a lot of hard work and time invested in knowing your customer and developing the services they need. It takes thinking completely out of the box to grow a business, particularly in a field as complicated as accountancy.

I’ve always believed in finding talented people who are prepared and able to listen to everybody’s perspective. This is an essential aspect of building an engaged and focused team. Also, don’t ever be tempted to make assumptions when it comes to your clients. Stay close to them from the word go, and ask those difficult questions when you need to. Finally – expect change and plan to adapt. The world of accounting has changed dramatically since we set up Crunch ten years ago. We might no longer be in a category of one, but we continue to adapt, and that’s key: keep innovating and never, ever become complacent.