Convertr is a MarTech platform that enables marketers to build seamless lead management processes that maximize ROI from their demand strategy.

Founded in London in 2011, our roots are based in creating transparency and efficiencies between Agencies, Publishers and Brands and the demand programs that connect them. Fast forward to today, and our API-first platform is used by leading brands to improve lead quality and power more valuable campaigns, ensuring leads entering the marketing and sales database are valid and complete, are delivered to the right place and ROI can be tracked from data capture through conversion.

By uniting all demand data through Convertr, our customers can become better stewards of their marketing spend. From lead capture through conversion, marketers have access to real-time tools and analytics to stop wasted spend on invalid leads and optimize by lead quality and ROI. The Convertr platform is a true example of technology solving a significant issue within our industry today, and we are excited to support the Software Awards to recognize others that are also working to solve real problems.

For companies struggling to bad data entering their databases, unclear campaign performance or reporting on the impact of their demand gen programs, we can help.

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