Specialist Team of the Year

Entry criteria

This category is for firms that have developed specialist, niche services for clients. Specialist offerings may include in-house teams of consultants, management accountants or virtual finance directors, M&A specialists, technology developers, marketers and analysts, as well as people delivering more traditional audit, tax and industry-specific services. If you have specialist, multi-disciplinary teams that include some or all of these disciplines, they’re welcome to enter too.

What judges are looking for:

Judges will be looking for entries that demonstrate:

– The strength and clarity of your specialist team vision.

Depth of specialist expertise and the impact this has had on your clients and/or your sector.

– A distinctive approach to delivering services or developing a specialism.

– Examples of successful initiatives your team has implemented during the past year.

– Evidence to show the impact on clients, such as testimonials, short case summaries etc.

– Quantifiable performance measures including revenue growth, profitability and client satisfaction metrics.